Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great- I hit a tree with my boat

The fall fishing season is upon us. I was out at our new Lake Lenexa yesterday and saw plenty of kids catching fish. What a great time they were having in the cool fall evening. While you can only have trolling motors on Lake Lenexa, watching the smaller fishing boats got me to thinking about posting some fishing tips on this blog. I may start the forum so people can chime in on fishing tips.

The biggest fishing tip that I can come up with... If you are fishing in a man made -dam lake, try fishing by the tree stumps. Fish love to hang out around old stumps and logs. In fact, when they made Lake Lenexa they
purposely left stumps, logs and plastic tubes for the marine life. Great for the
fish, great for the fisher, not so great for your outboard motor. Hitting one of these stumps can cause damage to your propeller. That damage is obvious and not too terribly expensive to fix.

What if you damage your outdrive? Damage to your lower unit can get you into some costly repairs. Do your homework before making a decision on what to do. Here is some advice:

First: Be aware that your insurance policy should kick in to repair the outdrive after you fulfill the deductible. US Boatworks works with many insurance
companies and will fight to get your outdrive repaired properly. You can feel
comfortable knowing that the owner personally will see the job through to the
end and will personally talk with the claims adjuster so that all expenses are
understood by the adjuster.  This helps you get a fair reimbursement.

Next: There are two choices to make regarding
your outdrive replacement.  You can choose a new gear case or a
remanufactured gear case.  US Boatworks,
www.boatengine.com carries both new and
rebuilt options.   You can pick a Remanufactured quality gear case made with quality parts or you can choose a Brand New after-market gear case for some Mercury,
Yamaha, Johnson, Evinrude Outboard Motors and

Mercruiser Alpha I

Gen II

Bravo one
I/O motors
.  No matter which you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing US Boatworks will take care of you.  We have been in the
Outboard Replacement Drive
business for over 25 years and know your motor inside and out.  We will get your unit to you with the exact specifications you need.  Call us for pricing at 913-342-0011 or get more information below.

Last:  US Boatworks give you a credit for
sending your good used core to us -
outdrive exchange
.  We accept most cores back and pay you based on the
condition of your old marine engine core.  Call us at 913-342-0011 for more

Once again, happy boating.

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