Monday, May 16, 2011

boating when gas prices are high

We are all frustrated with the high gas prices this month.  At $4.00
per gallon, some of us are scratching our head trying to figure out if we
should get the boat out this year.  Most boaters we polled say they
will be boating this season even if gas prices stay at current rates. 
Fuel prices are about $1.25 more per gallon over last year so when filling
up your boat, you can expect to pay more but is it worth giving up your
favorite sport altogether? 

As we were talking to boaters around town, they did offer us some gas
saving tips.  The best tip for those who rent a slip at a lake and
can't afford to put gas in their boat.  Consider giving up your dock
slip and find a cheaper place to store your boat on land, then you find
savings two ways.  First, storing your boat on its trailer on land is
cheaper than the dock slip.  Second, the gas you put in your boat can
be purchased at a land gas station over the marina gas station saving you
money at the pump.  You can also consider that keeping your boat out of
the water requires less maintenance than that of a boat stored in the water.

We will post more money saving tips throughout the week.  Stay