Friday, October 30, 2009

We buy old boat parts and salvage marine inventory

Many marine dealers sell off their older boat part inventory at the end of
the season.  Often times dealers will be going out of business or just need
some cash in the winter months, this is a great time for us to buy.  US
Boatworks buys surplus inventory from marine and boat dealers throughout the

We are always looking for used
lower unit
from Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo. 

Salvage marine gearcases
something we almost will always purchase from a dealer.  Last year we were
able to buy about 50 lower unit cores from a dealer.  This was great timing
as during the winter months we rebuild the gearcases so they are ready for sale
in the spring when our customers need them.  US Boatworks is a major
supplier of
remanufactured lower units

new marine gearcases
.  We
constantly are turning our inventory so new items are always needed.

If you are looking to liquidate some or all of your marine inventory, we may
be able to help.   Contact Mike at US Boatworks at 913-342-0011 if you have further questions.  You can also
email us at

Happy boating.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

25 Year Anniversary

2009 is US Boatworks' 25 year anniversary.  Back in 1984, Marty started
US Boatworks from his garage.  His idea was to improve on the service boat
dealers offer. 

First, boat dealers do not offer the option for using used parts in their
  US Boatworks specializes in
used, salvage boat parts
for your marine needs.  The parts are inspected to insure they are in good
shape.  They also always come from fresh water engines, so there is no
worry about salt water corrosion.  We sell and ship these parts all over
the country so feel free to ask about purchasing used parts for your boat motor.

Secondly, boat dealers have a minimal inventory of boat parts on hand
What this means for you is two fold.  One, you wait for the dealer to order
your parts to fix your motor which can add days or even weeks to your repair
turn around.  And two, manufacturers stop making parts for their engines
after a certain number of years.  If that is the case, you are out of luck
getting that part from your dealer.  US Boatworks has over

25,000 different boat engine parts in stock

that means faster turn around time on your repair.  It also means you can
ask about almost any Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Mercruiser, Volvo-Penta marine
part and odds are that we have it in stock for you.

Third, boat dealers had huge overhead so offering

Kansas City area discount boat repair
is just not possible
.  US Boatworks is able to offer
labor rates discounted from what most area boat dealers offer because our
overhead is low.

Marty's dream to be a major retailer of boat parts and service has become
reality.  Hard to imagine 25 years ago what a great concept he had. 
We miss you Marty!

Contact Mike or Tim at US Boatworks at 913-342-0011 if you have further questions
about parts or service on your outboard or stern drive marine engine.  You can also
email us at

Happy boating.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marine Winterization and Boat Parts

Winterization under way

Our lot is full to the brim with

Kansas City area
to winterize.  Many boaters decided to get their boats in for service
early this year due to the cold weather in Kansas and Missouri.   
Our customers choose US Boatworks for our great rates and outstanding
reputation.   Each winterization is personally performed by one
mechanic from beginning to end.  Rest assured that your motor will be
properly winterized and safe from the upcoming freeze.

Another reason our
customers choose US Boatworks is because we offer

boat parts that are hard to
.  Parts for older boats that are not longer made are stocked by the
thousands.  We get people from all over the United States looking for
marine parts.  Most of our

old boat parts
NLA - No Longer Available
marine parts

from the manufacturer.  Once a manufacturer stops producing parts that fit
your boat, it can be very difficult or impossible to fix your motor. 

The major brand boat parts we carry are

Mercury Marine, Mercruiser, OMC Cobra,
Johnson, Evinrude and Mariner
.  Our lower unit replacement
program offers you two choices.  Choose a new lower unit or a
remanufactured lower unit by visiting our site.

For more information on any of
these products or service send us an email at or call us M-F
9-5 CST at 913-342-0011.  TIm, Ron or Mike are happy to help you with your
boat repair or maintenance needs.

Happy boating.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Boat parts from Mercury, Mercruiser, Evinrude and more

Boat Parts by the thousands

At last count we stock 25,000 different

boat parts
and since we have
multiples of many parts, our total count is in the hundreds of thousands. 
In the last 18 months our inventory of new parts has increased 25%.  The
majority of these parts are your hard to find, no longer available, NLA, boat
parts.  We also have a huge inventory of used or salvage boat parts which
are offered at a discount over new prices.  If you have an older outboard
motor or even an older sterndrive motor and are in need of parts, US Boatworks
is the place to call, 913-342-0011.  You can check out our website at .  Our email is:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Customer Satisfaction

Another happy OMC Lower Unit Customer.

We have a customer in California who purchased a
OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive. He sent us the following brief email explaining how happy he was with the purchase of his gear case and the exchange of his old core. We promptly credited his credit card after we received and inspected his old core.

Here are the emails:

Tue, Oct 6, 2009 7:47 pm

Subject: Re: Remanufactured lower unit


 Thank You so much for all your help. Your company has been a delight to deal with.

A very happy satisfied fisherman/customer


Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 12:38 PM

Subject: Re: Remanufactured lower unit

We checked the core out today and all is good. We are putting $200 back on your credit card.



US Boatworks



I like to post these customer
testimonials so prospective customers are comfortable choosing, US Boatworks, for their lower unit/
gearcase replacement.  To check our inventory, contact Tim or Mike at US Boatworks at 913-342-0011 or email us at We
welcome the opportunity to help you in your boat parts search.

Happy boating.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time to winterize!

Unless you are a die hard fisher, its probably time to get your outboard or
sterndrive motor winterized.  Those of you in the Mid-West had better act
fast as the Mid-West is expecting a hard freeze in the next few days.  

So what are your options? 1) You can do it yourself or   2) you can
take your boat in for service.  Here are a few tips for you.

1)Have US Boatworks Winterize your boat for you:

Take the guess work out of it, sit back and let us do the work for you. 
You will be comfortable knowing we will do the job right.  US Boatworks
offers outstanding service and very knowledgeable staff.  Tim, Ron and Mike
are amazing and know your boat and parts inside and out.  Plus they love
what they do and take pride in  it.  We have seen many customers from
the old Bruce Marine this year.  They are happy with the service at US
Boatworks and promise to come back in years to come.  You can read more
about our happy customers throughout this blog. 

Before coming down with your boat, please call 913-342-0011, to make sure we can
get to your boat before the freeze.  We will make every attempt to take
care of all the customers who call us.  Our lot is filling up quick.

2) Winterize your boat yourself:

US Boatworks caters to the do-it-yourselfer.  Fell free to use our
page assist you in winterizing your motor then get your parts and oil
from US Boatworks.  We know what your motor needs and can assist you in
getting the right parts.  If you need a manufacturer

boat motor service manual
, we stock those too.

To check our inventory, contact Tim or Mike at US Boatworks at 913-342-0011
email us at We
welcome the opportunity to help you in your boat parts search.

Happy boating.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marine Engine Parts

More Marine Parts coming soon...

We at US Boatworks carry tens of thousands of different
boat parts.  Most
of our inventory consists of older boat parts from Mercury, Evinrude, OMC,
Mercruiser, Johnson, Force and Volvo-Penta as well as current model marine parts
from these manufacturers.   If you are having a hard time finding the
boat engine part you need, chances are that US Boatworks has it.  We have
room in our 50,000 square foot building to store these parts.  A lot of
boat dealers don't have the space or the desire to stock older boat parts. 
That's where US Boatworks,
, comes in.  We buy these older parts and stock them
to serve our customers and meet a need for them to be able to repair older boat
motors.  One way we are able to stock these

old boat parts
is through
salvage.  We often times part out a old motor and thus sell them as
used boat parts
Many customers appreciate the opportunity to buy
salvage boat parts as it
usually saves the customer money to buy

used marine parts
over buying new
marine parts.  Since we are continually buying parts, our inventory changes
quickly from day to day.  If we don't have a part this week, we may just
stock it a few weeks later.   


To check our inventory, contact Tim or Mike at US Boatworks at 913-342-0011
email us at We
welcome the opportunity to help you in your boat parts search.

Happy boating.