Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy Independence Day

American Flag and Fireworks. US BoatworksUS Boatworks will be open this MONDAY, JULY 3 from 9-5 pm to serve you before the July 4th holiday. We are closed Tuesday, July 4 and will re-0pen Wednesday, July 5 at 9 am.
This July 4th many families will travel to their favorite lake and take their boat out on the water. As usual, hours of preparation go into getting ready for an outing at the lake. Preparation most likely will include cleaning your boat, tuning up the engine and making boat repairs as necessary. Over the last few years, I have written many articles with tips on getting your boat out on the water.  You can find tips about boat engine preparation from the article I wrote this spring.  Part of that preparation also includes safety measures. Please read our list of boating safety equipment you should always carry with you.  You can even have your boat safety inspected by a trained professional to be sure you meet all the recommended safety measures.  After all that hard work, planning and preparing, we hope everyone has a great holiday and that your boat runs great.
We appreciate all of our valued customers and recognize that our success is only because great boaters come back year after year.  Thank you to all who support US Boatworks.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is your Boat Safe? Find out for free!

The US Coastguard Auxiliary has free tools to check the safety of your boat.  Their Vessel Safety Website allows boaters to become educated on boating safety.  First, download the Vessel Safety Manual to be clear on the rules and regulations regarding boating safety.  Second, do an on-line virtual safety check that addresses of the following:
  • Vessel Safety Check BadgeDisplay your boat’s registration number properly
  • Keep boat’s registration papers on board
  • Have US Coastguard approved lifejackets for everyone on board
  • Carry visual distress signals for day and night viewing
  • Carry sound producing distress device (whistle, air horn..)
  • Keep proper amount of fire extinguishers on board
  • Properly ventilate gasoline
  • Backfire Flame Control device on board
  • Distress sound producing device on board
  • Pollution Placard posted if applicable
  • Marpol trash placard posted if applicable
  • Coastguard approved toilet if applicable
  • Navigation rules on boat for reference
  • Meet State & Local regulations
  • Other safety precautions -deck free of hazards, electrical and fuel systems safe
Once you are in compliance with their guidelines, ask for a free vessel examiner to come to your marina or driveway to inspect your boat. Simply complete the on-line request and someone will be in contact with you. Once passed, you will be awarded a “Vessel Safety Check” decal. This decal alerts US Coastguard and enforcement officials that you are in compliance with the law. Best of all, you will sleep better knowing you are taking family and friend out on the water in a safe vessel.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Boat Safety Checklist

Planning for a day out on the lake can take some time.  The most skilled planner will have Kids with lifejacketslists of items to buy before the trip, items to bring in the car for the ride to the lake and also a list of items to go on the boat.  Of course we remember the snacks and drinks, the water skis and fishing poles all which are a necessity for having a great time.  However, with the fun list of toys comes a short list of safety items which could be a huge help in the event of a boating emergency.  While we will never use all of these safety items, having the right tools when you need them can make all the difference.  In fact, missing some of these items can make or break your fun day.  Better yet, having the right safety gear on your boat can save a life.

Boat Safety Items:

Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Life Jackets
Whistle or Air Hornboat on fire
Flash Light
Screw Driver
Spare Prop
Prop Nut Wrench
Duct Tape

While researching items for this article, we came across Federal Requirements for recreational boats published by the US Coast Guard.  These regulations go into great detail as to the type of equipment necessary in its 82 page document called A Boaters Guide to Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats.  Page 42 of tha
document lists the requirements based on the size of your boat.  For our purposes, we are discussing boats up to 26 feet in length. Their list starts with reminding boaters that they need the required  state numbering and licensing then the remaining 8 items are about safety.  Similar to the list above, items required are life jackets, electric distress signals, flares, fire extinguisher, gas tank ventilation,horn or whistle, navigation lights and backfire flame arrestor for non-outboard motors.  We recommend all boaters review this document in its entirety as it address safety in operating your boat as well.  We will cover that topic in another post in the coming weeks.
In summary, take a few extra minutes this year before your first trip out with the boat to
be sure you have the proper safety equipment.  Do it now and at the beginning of each season.  A few safety precautions now can mean the difference between fun and disaster.
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Save $10 off $100

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