Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We pay cash for lower unit cores!

The busy summer season is still upon us and the demand for rebuilt lower units is high.  Customers who purchase a lower unit from US Boatworks are eligible for a refund when you return a good core back to us.  If you are one of those customers, send your core back to us – we need them!
As one of the top remanufacturers of lower units in the US, rebuild are continually rebuilding gear cases so they are ready to ship out when ordered.  In order to build all those gear cases, we need good used cores to start the refurbish process. We need your cores! Recycle your housing, save the environment and earn some money in the process.
Earn money recycle boat lower
If you have used Evinrude, Mercury or Volvo-Penta outdrive cores laying around, put some cash in your pocket by sending them to us.  We buy Volvo Penta Sterndrive cores, Mercury cores and Evinrude cores and pay you based on the condition of the core you send us.
If you have replaced a damaged gear case lately, don’t throw that old lower unit out!  Turn it into cash. $$$$$$

Email US Boatworks @ sales@boatengine.comCall Us: 913-342-0011

Volvo DP SM Lower

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2018 Mercury Outboards are Here!

It’s that time already – the new model year Mercury Motors just arrived at our Kansas City, KS location. 8 brand new Mercury Outboards were delivered on a huge 18 wheeler moments ago.  We promptly and carefully 9-9HP FourStroke_CommandThrust_3qtr_Port-Fore_cowlunpacked them, loaded them up on stands and wheeled them out to the showroom floor. They look great!
Included in the new line up are four, 9.9 horse power motors with your choice of electric start or manual start, long or short shaft, tiller handle and Command Thrust.
Command Thrust is offered again this year and is simply a refinement of the old Big Foot option.  We  have five of these new Command Thrust Outboards, three of which are 9.9 horse power and two are 60 horse motors.
Rounding out the lineup of our new motors are both a 25 horse and a 60 horse motors.  Our two 25 horse motors offer power trim and electric start.  The two 60 horse models both offer electric start, long shaft and power trim and Command Thrust as mentioned above.
Please stop by to view these great outboard motors. Compare our prices to the big stores before you buy.  Our prices are very competitive and our knowledge and service can not be beat.  Most of all, buy that new Mercury Motor and get out on the water and enjoy life.
Mercury 9.9 on Lake

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to launch a boat

The wrong way to launch a boat
People that have grown up boating seem to think that there is nothing to towing and launching a boat. When you are around it a lot its like second nature maneuvering your vehicle so the trailer goes where you want it to go and slipping into the water for a fun filled day.  But if you don't have that experience, you will find that it can be very stressful trying to get a boat off the trailer and on the water.  The same is true when pulling the boat out of the water. You have lines of people waiting for their turn. All eyes are on you as you try to back your vehicle down the ramp with the boat behind you.  One wrong turn and you have to pull out of it and start all over.  If you have others launching on either side of you, that adds even more stress to the situation.  So what is a new boater to do? Below I have listed some steps to get your boat launched with ease in hopes that your boating adventure goes of without a hitch.
Once you have arrived at the lake and are waiting your turn to back down the ramp, you will want do some prep work. If there is no line for the ramp, simply pull over and do this work out of everyone's way.
- Load everything you need into the boat
- Remove transom straps from the boat
- Put the drain plug in!!!!!! -PUT THE DRIAN PLUG IN!!!
- Disconnect trailer lights
- Throw mooring fenders over the side of the boat
- Have mooring lines ready and accessible
- Back your boat down the ramp until the engine is in the water enough to run
- Put your vehicle in park, engage the parking break and maybe chuck the wheel
- Remove the bow strap and safety chain from the boat
- Start your boat engine, put it in reverse and gently back up
- If boat doesn't move, you may need to back your vehicle further into the water
- If someone is with you to drive the boat then have them drive off while you park the car. They can pick you back up on the dock. This allows others to launch their boat while you park your vehicle.

Haul your boat out
- When backing your trailer down, go deep enough to get the boat on but not so deep that the boat will go over the trailer
-  If trailer has bunks,  carefully drive the boat up the trailer. Don't overpower it, make sure you are properly aligned & steering wheel is centered.
- Once on the trailer, winch the boat up to the top & connect the safety chain
- Turn off the motor and raise it up
- Move your vehicle and tailer out of the way so others can use the ramp
- Unload the boat
- Put mooring fenders & ropes inside the boat
- Connect trailer lights
- Connect transom straps

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Remaining 2017 Mercury Outboards, Hurry in now!

The 2017 summer boating season is in full swing.  Warm temperatures this July are getting boaters out on the water to cool off.  Don’t miss out on great times at the lake.  Consider that new Mercury Outboard now while you can get out on the water to enjoy it.
We have just a few remaining 2017 Mercury Outboards and are willing to make a deal on them. Our inventory includes:
Mercury Outboard 3.5 Horse, Manual Start with Tiller Handle
Mercury Outboard 4 Horse, Long Shaft, Manual Start with tiller Handle
Mercury Outboard 9.9 Horse, Manual Start, Long Shaft with Tiller Handle
Mercury Outboard 25 Horse, Electric Start

It’s a rare occurrence but we even have 2, 2016 motors in stock:  
Mercury Outboard 4 horse, Manual Start with Tiller Handle
Mercury Outboard 9.9 Horse, Manual Start with Tiller Handle
Contact us for more details and pricing.  Feel free to compare us to the big stores. Our pricing, knowledge and personal service can’t be beat. We will get you in the right motor to meet your needs.
If we don’t list what you are looking for above, drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for in a motor. More Mercury Outboard Motors just arrived this week and we are un-crating them and putting them on the floor as I write this.  Included in our new arrivals are more 9.9 motors, several 25 HP outboards and two 60 horse motors. Check them all out here.