Friday, February 10, 2017

Mercury Marine 5 Year Warranty Coverage Promotion

Mercury 5 year warranty promotion
For a limited time, receive five years of factory-backed coverage (2 years of the free Mercury Product Protection Gold in addition to the 3 years standard limited warranty) on ALL NEW Mercury Outboards.  This offer is good on outboard engines sold through March 31, 2017 and is available on:
2.5 HP – 350 HP four stroke Motors
75 HP – 250 HP Optimax & ProXS
Call or come in to check out our pricing on new Mercury Motors.  Customers consistently tell us our pricing beats the competition by hundreds of dollars and that our service and expert knowledge is the best in the metro KC area. What are you waiting for?
Mercury-Premier-DealerCall Us: 913-342-0011Email US Boatworks @
Mercury Marine 5 year warranty offer

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Sale from US Boatworks-Save $20!

Save $20 off $100, Shop Boat Parts Now!
Our Cyber Monday special begins today and runs through midnight, Tuesday 11/29. Save $20 off our already discounted prices when you spend $100 or more in our online store.  Use code CYBER20 at checkout to receive your discount. Shop reliable, quality boat parts from Mercury, Mercruiser, Evinrude, Johnson, OMC and Volvo-Penta.  US Boatworks stocks over 2 million boat parts so they are ready to ship out quickly to you.  We also specialize in NLA hard to find boat parts. Chances are we have what you are looking for. Shop for boat parts NOW!!!

We are Thankful

Happy ThanksgivingUS Boatworks would like to say “thank you” to all our customers.  We are proud to be serving the greater Kansas City area with boat maintenance and repair for over 30 years. Our success is due to our wonderful staff and loyal customers.

If you haven’t tried US Boatworks for your boat repair needs, you will be comforted to know our seasoned certified mechanics each have over 25 years experience.  To maintain certification, our mechanics complete training and educational classes each year. Give us a try next time you need some work done on your outboard or sterndrive.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Veterans Day Thank You

Veterans Day
Thank  you to our Veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedoms.  These small words can not express our gratitude for the sacrifices you make for us. As a token of our appreciation, Veterans can receive $10 off online boat parts order of $50 or more when you enter code 10save10 at checkout.  Visit our online boat parts store now & explore over 1 million discount boat parts from Mercury, Mercruiser, Evinrude, Johnson, OMC, Volvo and more.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kansas Right to Fish & Hunt on Ballot In November

If you already completed advanced voting, you may have been surprised to find a proposed amendment regarding the right to hunt and fish in Kansas. This proprosal is taking people by surprise as there has been little talk of it since the main topic of conversation is the presidential election. So what's this proposal all about? What does a yes vote mean? What does a no vote mean? I'll try to sort it all out below.
mercury 9.9 fishing
The November 8th, 2016 ballot in Kansas contains a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would give Kansas residents the constitutional right to hunt and fish. As it stands now, it is not a constitutional right.  Currently there are 19 other states that declare the right to fish and hunt as a constitutional right. The NRA is the force behind the passage of this amendment and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism supports this amendment. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is the governing body enforcing fishing, hunting and trapping regulations.
The intention is to look toward the future to protect fishing and hunting from extremists who may be looking to outlaw hunting and fishing entirely. If passed, current regulations will not change. Licenses will still need to be obtained, seasons observed and property boundaries and safety rules respected. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism will continue to regulate fishing, hunting and trapping in Kansas.
So bottom line, a "yes" vote will add the right to hunt, fish and trap to the Kansas Constitution thus further protecting the ability to do so. No regulations change.
A "no" vote will defeat the amendment. Nothing will change about hunting and fishing rights for now.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Duck Season!

Duck Boat Mercury Outboard
Judging by the huge quantity of duck boats we have in our repair shop for tune ups right now, it seems that duck season is upon us.

To be sure your first duck hunting trip this year goes smoothly, we highly suggest your outboard motor is running in top shape.  The first order of business is to tune up your motor.  There are many steps involved in tuning up your motor the first of which is to decide if you are going to do it yourself or leave it to the professionals.  If you are leaving it to the professionals, get your boat into the shop asap to insure your motor is running smoothly. Trusted Kansas City boat repair shops will have a lot of winterizations to do at this time of year so don't put this off until the last minute.

If you are doing an outboard motor tune up yourself, your first order of business is to pull out your boat owners manual.  If you can't locate your owners manual, call our come down to our store in Kansas City to get one. Once you have your owners manual, check guidelines for recommended procedures, lubes, oils and replacement parts.  Failure to use manufacturer required brands can void your warranty and may cause you further headaches down the road.

Start with a visual inspection of your motor starting at the bottom.  Look for signs of leaking lubricant that may run down the propeller.   This could be a signal that seals have gone bad.  If this may be the case, bring your boat in for service. Next check the propeller for signs of damage.  Cracks in the blades by the hub, large chips or bent blades call for repair or replacement of your prop.Duck Boat Mercury Outboard 25 on water

As you move up the motor, check and fix missing or loose screws, nuts or bolts on the lower unit.  Lubricate the grease fittings at the transom bracket, swivel bracket and transom clamp screw as directed in your owner's manual. The throttle control should be inspected and lubricated per your manual.

Next up is to replace the spark plugs and fuel filter. Then it's on to the lower unit. Check your owner's manual for the recommended frequency of lubricant changes for your outboard motor's lower unit. Begin by removing the unit's top and bottom fill plugs and allow the lube to drain into a container of your choice. Replace the lubricant with the manufacturer recommended product by filling lubricant into the bottom fill hole until lubricant reaches the top fill hole. Once filled, replace the top plug, remove the applicator nozzle and replace the bottom plug then wipe clean.

Last but not least, get all your hunting gear out.  Clean, inspect and replace as necessary then get out there and have fun.

As promised, here are some helpful Kansas and Missouri duck hunting links:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Winterization Service Options

Winterize with Mercury and Quick Silver ProductsWinterizing your motor before the first hard freeze is extremely important to prevent expensive damage come spring time.  A cracked block as a result of freezing will cost thousands of dollars not to mention missed time out on the lake next spring while you wait for your motor to be repaired.  Spend the time and the money to have one of our certified technicians properly winterize your boat before it's too late.

As more and more boats arrive to our shop for winterization, it seems appropriate to review the service options from US Boatworks.  We offer three levels of winterization service to meet everyone's needs.  Feel free to review your options before you come in with your boat.  We are happy to answer all questions you may have regarding our winterizing process & look forward to seeing you soon.
Man in snow with outboard motor
Don't wait too long to winterize your outboard motor!
The BASIC service includes the following:
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Fog engine
  • Drain and refill block with anti-freeze
  • Check engine oil
  • Check gear oil
The STANDARD service includes the same as the basic service above plus the engine oil & gear lube is changed:
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Fog engine
  • Drain and refill block with anti-freeze
  • Check engine oil
  • Check gear oil
  • Change engine oil
  • Change gear lube
The DELUXE service includes all the items in the above standard service plus we pull the outdrive to inspect for wear, inspect bellows, grease u joints, check alignment and grease the bearing.
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Fog engine
  • Drain and refill block with anti-freeze
  • Check engine oil
  • Check gear oil
  • Change engine oil
  • Change gear lube
  • Pull the outdrive & inspect for wear, inspect bellows, grease u joints, check alignment and grease the bearing.