Friday, September 4, 2009

Boat Parts Blog back on line

Due to some techincal difficulties, our blog has been down for about 3o days. If I was not so computer challenged it would not have taken 30 days to figure out how to get out blog back on line. But, here it is, the long awaited return of the Boat Parts, Repair and Maintenance Tips blog.

While our blog site was down, boaters were still getting out on the water. Despite a cool August in the Mid-West, boating traffic still remains high. When asking our customers what makes 2009 a better boating year than previous years, we most often hear that getting an existing boat back out on the water for the family vacation is a less expensive way to have family fun that flying somewhere, renting hotel rooms, renting a car...

The key to getting out on the water is preparing your boat each time before you go out. US Boatworks has a great summary of
boat preparation tips
you can check out. Should you find that your boat needs
boat parts or
boat service, check them out as well.

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