Friday, April 29, 2016

Underwater Rescue Team Relies on US Boatworks

Lee's Summit Underwater Rescue and Recovery uses US BoatworksKMBC 9 News recently featured an article about the work of volunteers at the Underwater Rescue and Recovery team of Lee's Summit.  These awesome individuals train every month to be sure their skills in water rescue are in top shape.  The team not only helps in the Lee's Summit area but assists in the greater Kansas City Metro area as well as out of town rescues.  With heavy rains in the area the last few days, we realize how important this crew is to the safety of those caught in these frightening storm waters.  We wonder how many lives have been saved as a result of these volunteers.

 The Underwater Rescue Team must insure their equipment is always in top working order so they my respond at a moments notice.  Equipment failure at anytime could mean the difference of saving a life or not.  The Team relies on US Boatworks to keep their Mercury outboard motors in top running condition.  We are proud to serve the team and love that they understand the value of using Mercury Certified Master Mechanics.  Our knowledgable staff has been happy to keep them safely on the water over the years.  If the Underwater Rescue Team relies on US Boatworks, shouldn't you?

  Video: KMBC 9 News & Underwater Recovery and Rescue

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